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15 Feb

Customized online content is central to business success. It is what brings the search engines to your website, attracts the attention of prospective customers, and gives your sales team the material they need to drive sales.

Traditionally customized online content has been a slow, painstaking, and expensive process. But, Alan Radding, an experienced content creator and ghostwriter for industry leaders like IBM, HP, NetApp, and more makes it possible to have ghostwritten compelling online content quickly and easily and at a price any business can afford.

Look at examples of Alan Radding’s online content below:

  • Storage managers, click here,
  • IT consultants, click here
  • CIOs, click here
  • CFOs, click here
  • Enterprise data center managers, click here

Alan Radding can help you plan and develop custom content, write it, and handle SEO of the content.

In addition, a published book or ebook can be the best marketing collateral a business can ever have and, dollar for dollar, the best value ever. Learn how a ghostwritten published book by a professional will help your business, click here.

And, feel welcome to visit Alan Radding’s  website, Especially make sure to check out the Ultimate Guides, free tools to boost your content-driven marketing.

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1 Dec

This blog is a spinoff of Alan Radding’s long established website, Please click this link to go to the original website. To find Radding’s most recent technology writing, updated weekly, please visit BottomlineIT, a blog for CIOs and IT managers, and DancingDinosaur, a blog for those specifically interested in high end servers, mainly IBM mainframe, System z, Power Systems, and PureSystems server and storage hardware, software, and trends. Radding also develops a blog covering technology trends for CFOs called wiredFINANCE. Finally he is a regular guest blogger at the Big4 portal covering technology trends and issues for IT consultants.

Please check out the above links for the latest in Radding’s business and technology writing.